About Us

Karim Refaat


Since I moved to the US 10 years ago, I was surprised by the stereotypes about Egypt and thinking it’s just about the Pyramids and ancient history. I made it my purpose to showcase Egypt’s culture, beautiful people, beaches and other unknown gems to travelers. I truly believe in the power of travel and it’s our mission to help people travel to Egypt safely and have the time of their lives.

Bio: Karim Refaat is a Protocol Officer/Project Manager at the Consulate General of Egypt in Los Angeles, where he plans and organizes community engagement initiatives and events to create a platform to connect and empower one another to create new opportunities. Karim also works in the Consular section providing consular services to constituents in the US west coast. Karim has worked for the Special Olympics World Games LA 2015, where he was the International Relations and Protocol Manager for the Middle East North Africa Region. Karim believes in building bridges to connect people beyond their differences and to always look for a common ground to collaborate and create new possibilities.

Amy Girgis


Every time I shared that I am Egyptian, I usually receive the response, “ Egypt’s on my Bucket List. I’ll go there one day” I’ve asked so many why have you not gone yet? And the response is usually, “ I don’t know how”  My mission was then to change this narrative so travelers feel good and most importantly feel safe about their travel plans to this amazing country.

Bio: Amy Webb has worked to create brand awareness for leading entertainment brands including the NBA, iHeartMedia and the NFL through partnership campaigns and brand integration and influencer marketing. She eventually started her own marketing company, Deyaa Marketing, working with top influencers and connecting them with leading brands. She graduated California State University, Fullerton with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. She is Egyptian American and grew up in Southern California. She is deeply passionate about positively impacting the country of Egypt through tourism and connecting travelers to experience Egypt as a travel destination.